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Beach Safari Tour (2 days)


Okay, this one is going to be very special. We have found some amazing places to visit, great characters and an unmissable place to stay. It is definitely a beach safari tour and some of our most enjoyable 4wdriving is up a deserted beach and we have found several of them.

The trip will start from Stockton with a quick drive up the entire length of Stockton beach, unlike our day trip to Stockton where we explore the sand dunes etc, this time we will drive straight to the beach early in the morning and head north. Morning tea will be enjoyed on the beach at its northern end. Then we follow the highway north to Bulahdelah and then out to an amazing surfing location, we will enjoy lunch overlooking the rolling waves and quite possibly some great surfers riding these waves.

After lunch we drive to the delightful little location of Manning Point. Here we enter the long white sandy beach of Manning Point and drive several kilometres south along the squeaky clean sand to the entrance of the waterway near Old Bar. This beach is rarely used and we will enjoy the freedom of beach driving and the spectacular views out to sea, keeping a look out for any passing whales. We then retrace back up the beach to Manning Point and make our way by quiet country roads to Old Bar and our accommodation. Now, this is a very special place, look it up on google, its called the Boogie Woogie Beach House!
Each of the rooms you will stay in are themed around past music masters. The Flow Bar (go with the flow) is downstairs along with our restaurant for the night. I think you will find this will be a great evening.

In the morning we have a highly recommended option for you to take, Neill and I did this on our reccie and it was truly spectacular, the problem is, it means you have to get up early. Like I said, this is optional, but for those keen, you will rise about 30 mins before sunrise and follow Neill onto the beach at Old Bar, drive up to the river inlet (we were on the opposite side yesterday afternoon) and watch sunrise over the South Pacific Ocean, just spectacular! Then its back to the Flow Bar for a big warm breakfast.

After brekkie we leave the Boogie Woogie Beach House and drive south to the delightful sea side town of Hallidays Point. You guessed it, we have another pristine beach to drive on. Heading south down the beach we will stop for morning tea and keep a lookout for whales. This brings us to Tuncurry and we follow the Great Lakes Way with a lunch stop beside one of the Lakes. Continuing along the Great Lakes Way we take a forest trail which leads to the tallest tree in NSW, the Grandis. And then our very special surprise for you, we stop in at the country residence of a music legend, he is a twice winner of a golden guitar, a horse whisperer and rare dog breeder. This chap has performed with John Denver and Slim Dusty, you wont recognise his name but after our afternoon with him you will know he is a true entertainer.

Sadly this amazing weekend comes to an end when we reach the highway near Bulahdelah. 

Basic Requirements For This Tour

AccredThe 4WD
Suitable to 4WDrives with high and low range.
No other vehicle requirements are required

A full tank from Stockton (the start point) is sufficient, we will refuel at Old Bar.

A UHF radio – we can hire you a radio

Driver experience
Prior experience not necessary as we will assist you as we go or you might consider attending our driver training course. - Do you require Driver Training?

Dinner and Breakfast is supplied but you need to bring your own lunches and morning tea.

You will be staying in a comfortable motel with all of the usual facilities.

More Info – will be sent to you once you register with your deposit

No 4WD?
We can help with the Hire of a 4WD

Refund Policy

Great Divide Tours reserves the right to cancel or alter any tour or course at any time. Great Divide Tours will determine if any refund is due if this action occurs.

In the event of you canceling a booking the following refund policy applies. Deposits are non refundable. If your booking can be reallocated to another participant then the deposit can be transferred to another tour of your choice which must be taken within 18 months of the original booked tour. The full tour fee is payable 1 week prior to the tour and is not refundable after this time. You should consider taking out Travel Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances including illness, vehicle problems or family matters.