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Painted Hills Road Trip - Fully Accommodated (6 days)

16 - 21 September 2018

NATURETOURISMCERTnewIn July 2018 Vic Widman was invited by Trevor Wright from Wrights Air in WIlliam Creek to join him on a flying trip to the Anna Creek Painted Hills. What Vic saw during the flight and ground tour simply amazed him and heard him describe the area as like nothing he had ever seen in all his years of outback travel. Vic made a vow that he had to share this beautiful and possibly unique area with his customers. So on his return to Sydney he immediately started planning both a road trip and a flying trip out to this incredible location. The road trip is designed for every four wheel drive adventurer amongst us. It includes accommodation and dinner along the way so even if you are not into camping you will get the chance to see what might one day become as large an attraction as the Bungle Bungles or perhaps even Uluru.

Whilst at William Creek we have allowed time for you to enjoy a scenic flight over Lake Eyre, or indulge in the latest "must do" trip which is a plane flight and landing in the extraordinary Painted Hills. This area has only had land access via plane since mid 2018, and has been considered by some to be more spectacular than the Bungle Bungles. This is an optional tour. Then we continue to Coober Pedy in the afternoon for our last night together in an underground room.

Tour fee includes mechanical support, satellite telephone support, tyre repair in remote areas, Painted Hills exclusive air and ground tour for two people at William Creek, accommodation for each night at Menindee, Hawker, Marree, William Creek, Coober Pedy and Port Augusta, dinner bed & breakfast each day and all National Park entry fees.

Basic Requirements For This Tour

AccredThe 4WD
Suitable to 4WDrives with high and low range.
Your 4WD should have recovery points located at the front and rear


The fuel requirements are 110 litres petrol & 90 litres diesel
(These figures include your fuel tank)

A UHF radio – we can hire you a radio
Carry a snatch strap and rated shackles (see our shop if you need recovery equipment) 
Spare Fan belts, fuel filter, oil and brake fluid

Driver experience 
Prior experience is recommended although we will assist you as we go or you might consider attending our driver training course. - Do you require Driver Training?

Dinner & breakfast is included each day, bring your morning/afternoon tea & lunch.

Camping gear
Not required, this is an accommodated tour. Carry warm clothing at all times.

More Info – will be sent to you once you register with your deposit

No 4WD?
We can help with the Hire of a 4WD

Tour Cost
$4,500 per vehicle for two people
extra person fee $2,200 each (seperate room)
$4,100 per vehicle single rate

Refund Policy

Tour/Driver Training Deposits are non refundable unless your position can be filled, the deposit may be transferred to another date/tour or course.

Fees are payable from 1 week to 4 weeks prior to the tour/course, you will be advised when the fee is payable. Any cancellation by you after the due date for the full fee will result in forfeiture of your tour fee.