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Great Divide Tours - Hire a 4WD
Travel with Great Divide Tours is not restricted to persons that own their 4WD. If you want to see more of Australia in the safety and comfort of the country’s leading tour guide but do not have access to a 4WD then your prayers are answered. We can assist you to locate a suitable 4WD for hire in which you too can join us on one of our great trips.

Overseas visitors are most welcome on any of our tours. We can either put you in touch with various 4WD hire companies or arrange everything for you.
For more details either follow the web links below to arrange your own hire or email info@greatdividetours for more information.



4WD for Hire for Driver Training courses

Youcan hire our Mitsubishi Triton Manual 4WD or Mazda BT50 Automatic 4WD at just $175 per day.

This is how it works.

If you don’t have a 4WD and not sure if this kind of recreation is what you are looking for, then try before you buy. Or perhaps you are a little worried about using your own 4WD (there is absolutely no reason to worry of course) then we have the opportunity for you to hire one of our vehicles to complete the course.


Thinking of doing a 4wd training course and don't have a 4wd? No problem we can help

Posted by Great Divide Tours on Monday, 3 August 2015

You have to drive yourself to our training centre near Braidwood, the road is 2wd friendly with just a couple of k’s of gravel road. Then you swap your car or 4wd for our Triton or BT50. You get to use the hire 4wd throughout the weekend training, all training is done at our superb world class 4wd training centre.

Each vehicle can seat up to 4 people. You must hold a current full licence and sign a waiver that says if you damage the vehicle you will be responsible for its full repair.

We also have a trailer for hire for just $50 per day if you wish to attend one of our Camper Trailer training courses. This is an ideal way of learning if towing & reversing a trailer is suited to you before outlaying your dollars on an off road trailer. (Note - the trailer is a box trailer only, it is not a camper trailer so you will need to either camp in our campground, or stay in our bunk bed accommodation during the two day course).


If you are thinking of purchasing an off road trailer but haven't done so as yet because of the fear of learning how to reverse it, we have the answer You can attend our camper trailer 4wd course and hire our trailer to learn the reversing skills before committing your dollars to a fully fledged camper trailer

Posted by Great Divide Tours on Monday, 3 August 2015

To hire either the Triton, BT50 or the Trailer just nominate which one in the comments section of the on-line booking form or email Vic direct at info@greatdividetours.com.au

The hire fee is $150 per day for the Triton or the BT50, or $50 per day for the trailer. Each 4wd course is 2 days in duration. These fees are in addition to the training fee. The vehicles are available for hire for the Introductory, Camper Trailer, Corporate and Individual courses only.