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 Amazing drone footage of our 2016 Maralinga & Beyond Tour - shot by John Morton of 4x4 Videos of Australia.
More videos available on his website - http://4x4videosofaustralia.com/2016/08/outback-south-australia-an-eagle-eye-view/


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A movie world look at our 4wd training.


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4WD Trakka Motorhome Training


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Listen to Vic's 4WD Track Talk podcast from the remote Simpson Desert in May.

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The GDT Team

Vic Widman

Owner of Great Divide Tours

vicStarted 4wdriving in 1978, first major outback trip was up Cape York in 1981, has now crossed the Simpson Desert in excess of 20 times and trained in excess of 26,000 people in the art of 4wdriving. Vic lives and breathes 4wdriving, he has written books, is a major contributor to Overlander magazine and has been since 2003, he has produced 4wd DVD's, has a permanent radio segment on radio 2GB, supports the Off Road Adventure show on TV and is one of Australia's foremost 4wd experts. And his jokes are great too! Vic drives a 200 series, an FJ Cruiser and wishes he had more time to drive his Toyota 86.


Julie Widman

JulieLong suffering wife of Vic, behind every Outback Vic there is Julie pushing him out the door. She keeps the whole show together, helps run the office and has brought up the most amazing family whilst Vic has been away exploring Australia. Julie drives a Suzuki SX4.



Jenny Stanton

Jenny StantonJenny learnt to 4wd at a Great Divide Tours training course in 2005, joined the team in 2007 as a guide and 4wd trainer, also works in the GDT office, drives an Iveco 4WD truck and plans to explore the world one day with her partner Wayne.



Wayne Brady

Wayne BradyPartner to Jenny, and is a senior guide and driver trainer with GDT, a great bush mechanic too.




Alex Caruana

AlexYou simply have to meet Alex to understand what a great person he is, when it comes to leading trips, especially where families are tagging along, there is none better than Alex. He'll have a damper going in the fire before you can say one smart fellow! He drives an amazing VW 4Motion Trakkadu van with all the great gear and loves the bush more so than most, his hero is Jack Absalom and is an avid follower of Page 38 (sorry you will have to do a trip with him to understand that one).


Ian Sheppard

IanKnown as Yarn to his friends, he equals Ian Bragg for his kindness and attitude. He leads trips for us and assists with our driver training especially our corporate training. He works with Cooper tyres and knows more about tyres than anyone I know. Yarn drives a 100 series Landcruiser too.



Greg Dickinson

Greg did his first trip with GDT way back in 1993. He lives in Mudgee and runs our trips around the western Blue Mountains, he has also led trips virtually everywhere including the Kimberley, the Simpson, Cape York and the High Country. Greg usually travels with his family, wife Helen and children Jason and Megan, he drives a 100 series Landcruiser and his favourite word is "Mate"


Ty Widman

Vic's nephew, joined the team in 2013, he assists us with the driver training and is learning all the ropes to be a great tour guide, he can even recite some of Vic's great jokes! Drives a Navara but is related to Vic so he to be in the team.


Brian Sommerville

Joined GDT in 2014 after semi retiring from his company GPSOZ, what Brian doesn't know about mapping and GPS units does not exist. He is leading our Canning Stock Route trips and our Arnhem Land trips and is the past president of the All Wheel Drive Club (which incidentally Vic helped set up back in 1984) . Brian, with his wife Kirsten, drives a 100 series Landcruiser.


Irene and Dave Murtagh

Irene and DaveVic's sister and brother-in-law, now retired but they keep dropping into the 4wd training centre because they live next door, an integral part of the GDT team since 1992 so I had to include them. They drive a 100 series Land cruiser too.


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