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Africa - Tagalong Tour to Namibia with Vic Widman (19 days)

Great Divide Tours has partnered with Self Drive Adventures to offer an exclusive tour for our clients taking you on a Wilderness and Wildlife adventure to Namibia in 2018. This is an awesome 4wd trip allowing you to safely experience Namibia, a dramatic and different country, its incredible scenery and abundant wildlife, its friendly people and political stability. We are guided throughout the tour by a highly experienced guide from Self Drive Adventures and you will be accompanied by one of our GDT guides. There are so many highlights including elephants, rhinos, antelope and giraffe, we will meet the native Himba people and see dramatic scenery like none other including huge canyons, dry deserts and salt lakes, painted deserts, the Skeleton coast and the highest free standing sand dune in the world.  

Contact Vic at info@greatdividetours.com.au to receive the full itinerary.

Basic Requirements for this Tour

Accommodation and Campsites
Mostly camping. You must have camping experience to join the trip. Some in organised camp sites with facilities, some bush camping. We do stay in some guest houses on the way and you can upgrade to a lodge at some locations for an additional cost.          

The standard vehicles are Hilux Twin Cab Manual 2.5L 4x4s. Various upgrades are available.

Driving Ability
Skills required are a drivers licence and a good dollopof common sense. Some 4x4 experience would be recommended.
You might consider attending our driver training course - Do you require Driver Training?


The route is planned largely avoiding main roads with extensive travel off road and on rarely used tracks, trails and in river beds.

The game is in pockets. In the National Parks it is plentiful and even outside the National Parks you will have wonderful game viewing experiences in the wild.

Excellent variety. Pan your own meals and do your own shopping to stock your vehicle. You will have all your own cooking equipment, fridge etc in your vehicle so you can be self sufficient.

This is going into Winter in Namibia - it will range from cool to cold at night, 7-10 degrees c and 20-35 degrees c during the day depending on location.

Refund Policy
Deposits are non-refundable once the minimum number of bookings is reached. The full tour fee is payable 8 weeks prior to the tour and is not refundable after this time. 
Full terms & conditions will be provided upon application.